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sea and air logistics

Sea and air logistics are crucial to study if you wish for your business to expand. Shipping products worldwide allows the organization to enter new markets. They can attract more customers from different demographics. Subsequently, enjoy large profits. You can hire Worldcargo to achieve these advantages.

Best services


Worldcargo has decades of experience in sea and air logistics. we offer excellent shipping rates for complex services. we are able to navigate challenges with efficient location of resources. Worldcargo recommends that the clients send a list with the details attached. The billing factors in different forms of weight for updated calculation.




Sea and air logistics are very tough to handle. Therefore, Worldcargo is determined to make over sea shipping simpler. we offer straightforward steps to make it easy for the customers to follow. As a result, the clients are not roaming around in circles to inquire about its packaging. Worldcargo is a first-class service that offers top-quality transportation at any time.


over sea shipping



Worldcargo sea and air logistics are based on modern features to facilitate businesses and over seas customers. The company offers:

  • Door-to-door/airport-to-airport services
  • Freight documentation assistance
  • Pick-up point for Chinese manufacturers
  • The cargo is temperature-controlled
  • Labeling and packaging services with high-quality output
  • Logistic insurance.

In addition, Worldcargo also offers the following services for over seas shipping.

  • LCL, FCL sea freight
  • Bulk and oversize goods shipment
  • Door to door, port to port, DDP, and DDU
  • Custom clearance for import and export
  • Worldwide tracking
  • Form E and M, CO, B/L, PL, and product certification
  • General and specific transportation
  • Freight services

Top-class shipping


You can breathe relief when you hire Worldcargo for sea and air transportation services. The team of experts will oversee shipping operations such as customs declarations, supplier invoices, and other documentation. we also offer inspection, insurance, and leveling services.

Working with Worldcargo will save money and time. So you can focus on building the business you want to expand. Furthermore, the shipping solutions are also user-friendly to accommodate your budget and preferences.



Technology has made logistics a grand operation. Worldcargo stands proudly with the fast-paced growth of worldwide economies. we will ship products related to all industries. For example, infrastructure equipment and other construction machinery.

Moreover, its over seas shipping vessels will also transport high-voltage transformers for industrial use. we will carry oil refining equipment and specific machinery to promote employment and economic prosperity.


Bulk shipment


Worldcargo insists that clients pick bulk service for over seas shipping. It is price friendlier if the goods are transported together in large quantities. The clients enjoy the discount. Furthermore,  also saves fuel to transport heavy-duty items together. For example, fertilizers, trucks, steel bars, and grains prefer a sea voyage in large quantities.

When discussing sea logistics, Worldcargo will pick from a variety of containers. we will suggest less than a container load to save costs. Other options are flat rack, tank, reefer, dry, and open-top container.

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Worldcargo works with the best vendors and suppliers for outclass sea and air logistics. Our team is trained to use the best route to the client’s advantage. Worldcargo is committed to promoting traditional trade and e-commerce services worldwide. Visit to submit a request for over seas shipping quote.


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