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Incoterms or international Terms of Commerce are the terms and conditions of agreement used in international trade. Each Incoterm refers to a global transaction contract between buyer and seller. Worldcargo freight forwarders provide some common Incoterms lists for your reference and help:

Terms and conditions of bulk carriage

Since the carriage of bulk carriers are non-conventional cargoes, there are different service terms and conditions for different consignors and consignees of cargoes.

(A) FO=Free Out regardless of discharge

If the price terms we signed with the customer is CFR FO, we are not responsible for unloading the goods.

(B) LO=Liner Our Unloading

If the price terms we signed with the customer is CFR LO, we are apparently responsible for unloading

(C) FIO=Free IN/Out, regardless of loading or unloading

(D) FILO= FREE IN & LINER OUT, include for unloading, not loading

(E) LIFO=Liner in Free Out, include for loading, not unloading

(F) FLT=Full Liner Terms=BT=Berth Terms (LT=BT)

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