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Outsource And Expand the Business with Amazon Global logistics

Amazon Global logistics

As a brand, you want to expand operations to maximize profit. Before you identify the items to sell, you need to know a few things about shipping from China to Amazon FBA. You may be unaware of the shipping and customs charges. Continue reading to discover the guidelines for Amazon Global logistics to save on unexpected expenses.

The step-by-step guide

  1. Begin by setting up an Amazon seller account for Shipping from China to Amazon FBA. Of course, if you do not live in China, but live in other countries, we can also provide services.
  2. Browse Amazon Global Logistics and identify a credible supplier in China you want to work with. Communicate with them to identify the manifest of the products on Amazon shop.
  3. After the manifest is completed, Amazon Global Logistics will offer an FBA-approved transporter to send the items to the nearby Amazon warehouse.
  4. The vendor can inspect the goods and products after they arrive at the warehouse. This step is necessary to ensure the stock is ready for sale. Amazon Global Logistics takes 14 days or weeks to review the items before they are approved for shipment.
  5. Congratulations! The products are now approved. The customer can purchase them from Amazon. On the other hand, Amazon Global Logistics will supervise the services.

Amazon Global logistics

What to know before sourcing?


  • Mention the price

When creating the quote, the vendor must mention the price and its validity. As a result, the buyer knows when the price lasts. The strategy prevents the shock of exchange rate fluctuations. The material costs vary, which can lead to a high price. If you are a new trader who does not know the internal workings of Amazon, pay close attention to the steps.

  • Check verification

When shipping from China to Amazon FBA, Suppliers select transporters based on trustworthiness. Unfortunately, this is a false perception. Each supplier goes through a verification process before the first order is issued. In a perfect world, it would be effortless to fly to China to fix the issue.

  • Hire intermediaries

If the cooperation is good, the seller will immediately purchase a batch of goods from the manufacturer. In contrast, it is a lot better to communicate with intermediaries. The agent is the preferred option to deliver customer preferences. They also have the know-how of Amazon Global Issues.

Amazon Global logistics

  • No full payments

When dealing with Shipping from China to Amazon FBA, the seller must not pay the entire amount in advance. You can use small payments to receive a sample. According to market practices, the seller can pay a small amount in advance and pay the rest after inspection. Custom duties and transportation charges are part of a quote.

  • Hire Worldcargo for shipment.

Worldcargo is an expert in matters related to shipping from China to Amazon FBA. We have worked with more than 220 countries and have a monthly processing capacity of more than 2650 tons. Worldcargo has over 3550 clients worldwide who are content with our services. The expert staff delivers high-quality services at economical rates. Contact Worldcargo today for more information.


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