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International Air Cargo from China

Worldcargo freight forwarding co ltd is a first-class international air cargo enterprise approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, with the qualification of China’s civil air transport sales agency business.

As an air freight forwarder, Worldcargo unites with a number of international famous airlines to launch air export, air import transportation and air charter business., we have strong cooperation with the Major international airlines, such as CA/CZ/TK/MU/ET/EK/LH/BA/AC/UA/5X/PO/QR/SQ/NH covering all international airport around the world.

After a long period of development has become a unique international air cargo agent, including distribution, transportation, warehousing, customs clearance and all services of air cargo freight, for the customer’s goods have never been lost, shortage and damage, etc., each air operation can ensure that the goods are sent to the hands of customers intact

We take advantage of the route as the core, the Internet as the technical means, combined with superb customs clearance capabilities, relying on a perfect agent network, for traditional trade, exhibits, e-commerce, engineering projects and other customers tailored to create safe, fast, economic, high-quality door-to-door air transport solutions

International Air Cargo Service Include:

Door to Door or Airport to Airport Service

Air freight document arranging

Goods Pick up from China manufacturers

Over size / Overweight goods

Temperature-controlled cargo

FBA Warehouse one-stop service

Labeling, Packaging and Palletize

Battery Liquid Powder goods

Transport insurance

Air Cargo Freight Rates and Quoting

In order to give you an accurate quote, we recommend sending us the packing list details or the dimensions and weight details of the goods, such as length*width*height (cm), weight (kg).
This is because the billing method for air transportation is based on the greater of volumetric weight and actual weight.
Volumetric weight: volume (cbm)*167kg, or volume (cubic centimeter)/6000, for example, the volume of a pallet.
For example, the size of a pallet is 100cm*100cm*120cm, the actual weight is 100kg, so we can calculate the volumetric weight as 100cm*100cm*120cm.
So we can calculate the volume weight of 100*100*120/6000=200kg, or 1*1*1.2*167=200kg, at this time the volume weight is greater than the actual weight, then you need to charge according to volume weight

Cooperated Cargo Airlines

Other Services

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